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Music in the Making

Updated: 3 days ago

Sometimes, it is when you least expect it that something you love could be taken from you. But, it is also when you least expect it that some of life’s greatest moments will find you. This 2020 year has left the world feeling defeated and scared. I myself have been on a rollercoaster of emotions, one minute saying to myself, “I can get through this,” and then stooping to, “Everything is falling apart and I can’t even catch my breath.” However, there is empowerment in the downfalls and vulnerability in this mess. I have to remember that this is temporary, and that quite possibly, this could all just be, “Music is the making.”

Now, what could I mean by that? One of my most treasured and missed activities in the mists of all these changes is concerts. There is something so sweet about a group of strangers all listening to the same music, relating in their own unique ways; Singing at the top of your lungs, hearing a crowd get a sense of revelation over artists that you feel equally as passionate about and dancing with your best friends is simply unbeatable. Since the Coronavirus pandemic hit, that experience has come to a halt and that is okay. But rather than getting caught up in the music I am not able to hear in concert right now, I want to instead see this as a season of waiting... Waiting for what is to come. When I am able to attend a concert again someday, the moment will be even sweeter; The crowd will be even louder and I will treasure it as something I will NEVER take for granted again. I want to see this time of waiting as just music in the making.

This idea of, “Music in the Making,” could be interpreted in a variety of ways. Because, what it represents is hope for what is to come. Although it feels like the adversity our world is facing will never end, it absolutely will. We will take a step out of our fully stocked homes and see the light of community, reuniting with the world we once loved so dearly. Of course, this pandemic hit when we least expected it and nobody was prepared. However, the day it is all over, some of life’s greatest moments will find us and we will embrace it with a new found perspective. None of this is easy and I anticipate the evolving hardship this 2020 year may offer. My hope is that the music at the end of the hardship will be sweeter and that right now music is in the making. It will all be worth it.

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