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If my friends could describe me in three words, I believe they would be bubbly, passionate and thoughtful. I am a Colorado girl, born and raised, with an instilled love for exploring and building relationships. I am currently working towards a Journalism Degree from Colorado State University, where I was fortunate enough to be pledged as a Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority member. Some of my favorite hobbies include being outdoors, writing, hanging out with friends, making new playlists on Spotify (and let me tell ya, there are many), going to the gym and making fun films. When I am not racing around, you will basically always find me cuddling up with my Chocolate Lab, Mocha, in my down time. I enjoy pushing myself to try new things, and with that being said, I am here to share everything I learn along the way with you! :) My faith and fire for Jesus is my rock; With his guidance, I hope my voice and stories can make a difference in those who listen.

The purpose of With Macayla is to share my stories and journalistic creativity. There is no limit! Whether I am sharing new workout routines, crazy adventure stories, or placing mental health struggles into words, I hope connections can be made and hearts are moved. My life can be a mess, full of obstacles and spontaneous adventures, but that is what makes it so exciting. So let’s be a mess together. ;)




Weird facts ;)

Once upon a time...

I was home schooled along side my sister and went to Target just about everyday for "recess." Low key, it was the best!


My favorite coffee...

Is a peanut butter Mocha (hot) with whip cream OR an oatmilk caremel Macciatto with LOTS of drizzle.

During this Pandemic...

I took up interior designing and got very into it. My best friend and I renovated our whole house for most of the year.

I can...

Make both of my big toes stretch all the way back and do "toe splits." It's one of my greatest show off's, lol. People usually freak out when they see it.


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For any comments, questions and inquiries, I will always get back to you by email. I check it daily and would LOVE to hear from you!

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